Land of the “Free,” Home of the “Depraved.”

The trouble with being free, is that, are we really as free as we are led to believe?

There are some people who will argue that in the philosophical sense of the universe and the great mystery that is the construct of destiny, in all accounts of the word; we as a human race are most definitely not free. 

But there are always two sides to a story, or two faces to a coin, or a two for one drink special.

What I like to believe is that many of the choices I make in life are of my own bidding, and so I’m going to try and convince you why you should try to embrace the philosophy that “you are a free-bodied spirit and you are entitled to all the decisions you make in life.”

Granted, it’s not an easy concept to grasp. Anything even significantly philosophy related is always a cause for head-scratching or the occasional existential crisis when the time arises. But I’m hoping to avoid those thing altogether. They happen, so let’s just assume that they’re a necessary evil and there’s nothing you can do to stop them.

However, that’s not the point of this blog post today, is it? No, the point of this post is to engage you in the liberty that is freedom of choice; creating the mindset that you undoubtedly are a free spirit and a free individual.

But I don’t think that mental freedom is enough to be considered worthy of being a “free individual.” I think that people may feel comfortable and free in their minds; but is that the only extent to which they feel a sliver or a fragment of clarity?

I understand that what I’m about to imply next may seem a bit unreasonable or rash in most regards, but you have to recognize the constrictions that people are being put under nowadays and the various restraints they are putting on themselves without even knowing.

One of the biggest issues that I think people have with expression of freedom or individuality is the repressive pressure of society. Society is this expansive creation of a beast that does much in the way of putting restraints and restrictions on what is “expected” or “recognized” of us [citizens, members of society, etc].

In a big picture sense I believe there’s an incredibly disastrous problem that’s arising (or that has already arose) because of this. People are so afraid of “society” that we can’t even begin to express who we are without feeling the pressure” of condescension or disapproval.  

As we grow up as individuals and learn about integrating into the world around us; we often set up these mental boundaries that act as precautionary posts or safeguards, which help as preventative measures so that we don’t find ourselves in what might be thought of as “potentially threatening” situations. What becomes problematic of these “mental boundaries” is that there’s never a time in our lives that we’re told we should take them down. And so in becoming adults we are eventually stuck with these defensive posts which divide us from the world in which we live.

And it is from this distinction that I feel as though one of the most effective (if not the only) way of combating with this mental, and ultimately physical segregation that we develop while growing up is to… And bare with me on this one….

Sing & Dance. Yes, you read that correctly, I said sing and dwnce, I didn’t make a typo. Well… actually, yeah I did make one little typo; I meant to say “sing and dance,” not “sing and dwnce.” Sing and dance, sing and dance, sing and dance, not sing or dance, but Sing & Dance. But that’s besides the point, and I hope recognizing my little spelling error has given you more than enough time to ring out more than a few ideas or thoughts about what the words sing & dance mean to you. Sure, you may have thought about Gene Kelly from Singing In The Rain or Anchors Aweigh; perhaps you side-stepped right into John Travolta and his gang of T-Birds from Grease, or maybe all you could think about was Neil Patrick Harris and his countless broadway inspired performances as host for the Tony Awards.

Whether you imagined all of those people listed above, or if you imagined none of them, you still have an idea about what singing and dancing means. An maybe for a select few of you, you might already know what singing and dancing feels like. Perhaps you’ve experienced the rush of performing, that indescribable emotion of fear and excitement all in one. It’s damn near impossible to replicate, wouldn’t you agree? But the feeling of that rush is so liberating. It’s a sense of euphoria that grips you at one moment, clenching you with a ferocity so tight you feel as though you might suffocate; and then as a moment passes, it releases you. It releases you, but it doesn’t just let you go, it frees you, it eradicates every molecule of pain and suffering in your body, it washes away all traces of disease and leaves you feeling so vulnerable and yet so powerful. 

When I said the feeling of that emotion is something indescribable, I meant it. No amount of descriptive explanation could even begin to scratch the surface of what that sort of sensation feels like to those who have experienced it. It truly is a sense of embrace that you couldn’t begin to imagine.

And with that being said, I think that’s the majesty of freedom. Individualistic freedom has that sort of power; it has that kind of authority and it knows how to “release” you. It’s hard to put this kind of concept/idea into words, but I’m trying to formulate the best embodiment of it that I can muster. I know that from time to time my eloquence in writing can slip and become prey to the overbearing tides of confusion, and yet I believe that there are sometimes that I think I shouldn’t fight it. Sometimes I feel as though going against the tide in reality is going against everything that I might be standing for.

So here’s my argument; here’s what I propose. If I can’t effectively replicate that sensation of amazement and wonder that singing and dancing emits, then I’m going to extend an invitation to you. I’m inviting you to take action and explore that side of life that you’ve never dared to cross. Sure, the implications of what I’m suggesting you do could perhaps be going against every fiber of your belief system. But what is there to lose?

Fear is in itself an illusory construct that can take years to overcome; and if fear has a grip on you so tight that you couldn’t shake it off for even a fraction of a second, then this post means nothing to you (in which case I am sorry for wasting your time).

But if you have but a microscopic bit of impulse hidden somewhere deep within you; I’m telling you to find it, and I’m tell you to use it. Go out and find that freedom we always neglect; that freedom that we always so often ignore.

Singing and dancing doesn’t have to be on a Broadway stage in front of a 2,000 seat audience (99.9% of us will never get that opportunity in our life, so don’t worry yourself with that). But that doesn’t mean you should discourage yourself from finding freedom, or unlocking happiness. 

Sing and dance on your way to work.

Ignore the preconceived notions of society; neglect the presumptuous standards that we as citizens have to “act a certain way” or “behave in an appropriate manner,” when in fact those rules and regulations are destroying the very essence of who we are.

I understand the underlying messages at work in this post might seem a bit clouded or distraught at first; but I say give it a little time to settle. Maybe the way that I perceive the world is far different from the way that you do; but what I do know is that if I can find a way to express my freedom and individuality in a manner that promotes “product” and creates “content,” so can you.


Fanatical Friends Frenzy

Over the past few days, I feel like I’ve been trapped in this inescapable sludge; the kind of rut that you hear depressive people talk about. The sort of thing that makes you cringe and gag when you watch commercials about antidepressants like Abilify or Prozac.

Because, let’s be brutally honest; nobody like depression, and nobody likes people who are constantly depressed either.

Even the word itself brings this cloud of disparity and drag that you wish you could just swat away like an annoying fly, or banish with a giant ray of positive sunshine. But the cold hard facts of reality have a weight in controlling the universe just as much as you or I have control in waking up in the morning and deciding if we’re going to have a good day or a bad one.

It’s hard to ignore reality, especially when it’s like a guard dog outside of your bedroom door eagerly waiting to rip a hole in the crotch region of your best jeans. So, when there are things that you simply cannot control, fortunately there are a few things that you can (at least that’s what you hope).

I think your family is one of the most important and valuable assets that you have in life; shaping you indefinitely whether you’re still living with them, or whether you lived with them. They instill beliefs and customs within you that even God himself could not cleanse or sanctify. So when you think about that, it’s some powerful shit.

And in most cases, I believe the same principal applies when talking about friends; and on some occasions, the influences that your friends spill into your life can carry even more weight than your predisposed beliefs from childhood.

Here’s the kicker; here’s the thing that distinguishes my opinion on the relationship between your family and your friends. Friends, as precious as they may be from time to time, are inevitably disposable. Your family however, no matter how hard you may wish to fight it; will continue to remain your family whether you’re alive and they’re dead or whether you’re dead and they’re alive.

I think with this distinction it’s important to understand that if you can’t control a factor of influence, (like your family for example), you only have one other option when it comes to having some sort of organization and clarity in your life; and that’s in deciding who you want your friends to be.

Choosing your friends should be a science; because they have such an influence over everything that you are and everything that you do. Choosing friends is as dangerous as mixing chemicals or doing alchemy, you don’t have a damn clue what you’re mixing; you just hope that whatever you do doesn’t blow up in your face (although 9 times out of 10, it usually does).

Basically I’ve realized that I’ve been hanging around the wrong group of people; and unfortunately for me, I’m like a social sponge. Meaning that I can/will soak up everyone’s filthy bullshit whether I like it or not; it’s a gross and disgusting trait of my personality. I’m like a super reactive positive cation (a positively charged + atom for those of you non-chemical enthusiasts) looking to pair up with the negatively charged (-) anions that I call “friends.”

All in all, I don’t really have much more to say about this at the moment, so the take home message right now is choose your friends wisely.