Red. Solo. Cup.

Red Solo Cup.

Except not in that particular order. The object sitting on my desk resembles what many people would refer to as a cup, and a majority of people would agree that this object possesses a certain red-like complexion, but would you call it solo? With the minor exception of one of college freshmen’s most beloved cylindrical objects made of plastic, this red cup that’s solo lives a life so incredibly unique from his homologous brethren.

Red Cup has dreams just like everyone else; Red Cup works hard to try and live the best life it possibly can. In a world filled with so many options for liquid containing devices; it’s not easy to be heard or seen amidst the clatter of a crowded cabinet. But if there’s one thing that Red Cup most definitely is; it’s that Red is proud. Red takes pride in it’s work, and knows the sweet feeling of a successful victory when I clamber around looking for a cup to pour my water in and to drink from.

There are so many choices I could have made other than Red; I could have chosen the Moe’s cup, who resembles a similar size but sports a light green design and complexion; or I could have fancied to pick the Jimmy Johns cup, with it’s crazy design and it’s minimalistic yet, “smaller approach” to being a liquid container. And yet, day in and day out, I choose Red. “But why?” you might ask yourself. “Why the same cup to drink from when you’re thirsty, and how do you even know it’s the same cup?”

To which respond I offer no compelling argument to retort; but just as you know which one of your friends is which, while to me they are simply “your friends,” and in my opinion, they are all the same, they share no special distinction from each other. But regardless, to them your friends are your friends; you know their differences and you can tell them apart, and so similarly I can tell apart the cups in my cupboard; I owe them that much, since they have done so much for me throughout this semester of college. Without my cups, how could I possibly manage to contain my liquids in a single place? How could I make them portable? The simple answer to the question is, I could not. Without my cups, I am but a lost soul among a sea of untamed liquids. And just as the lumberjack without his axe feels as though his soul is empty; or the super model who cannot find the right pair of heels to go with her designer dress, I too cannot feel whole and complete without the comforting pleasure and security I get from my cups.

Probably manufactured in a slave-labor factory deep within the recesses of the Indochinese mountain valley, Red has strived for successful since it’s creation. In my opinion, I don’t believe there is a single manufactured cup on this blue planet that has worked harder to quench my never-ending insatiable thirst more so that this incredibly beautiful red cup that sits before me. But cup and red are too limited to describe the lengths that Red has gone through to ensure that they made it to the shelf of my kitchen cabinet. Red has not only lived life as a red cup; but has suffered though life as a solo red cup, a term that simply can befit none other than the most well-equipped and qualified candidates of “Great Cuppery” that come into my apartment. And while the description of solo has brought Red nothing but agony and distress, it’s journey throughout time has earned it the most prestigious of awards that a cup could ever dream of. From the central mass of mainland Indochina to packaged bubble-wrap rides along the dirt-beaten path of inner city Shanghai, Red has endured a life of torturous consequence. After Red’s escort to the Shanghai port; it was over the length of what seemed like years (although in actuality was only a few days) that Red finally made port onto the land of freedom and opportunity. And from there; after traveling for weeks, bidding farewell to all it’s kin, Red was stationed in a Walmart located somewhere in the southeastern part of the US, most likely Florida. There, Red stood post until the faithful day that it was called to duty, to serve it’s country as a member of the most elite group of kitchen cups that the world has ever seen.

And it has been since then that Red has served as a faithful and dedicated member of it’s task force; whose sole mission is to provide a legitimate structure and stable container for me to indulge in my beverages (usually just water, Red doesn’t particularly like anything else other than that).

Over the past couple of months Red has respectfully lived a life of service and duty across all platforms.

And as I make my way to the refrigerator to grab a refill on water; who do I turn to, but none other than the infamous, Red.

I would spare you the details of our many other more illustrious travels throughout the year; but I figure why not just save that for a more appropriate time.

And until then, shall I say, “Bottoms up?”


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