Memories Like Water

Memories are like buckets filled with water. There are some memories that you want to keep forever, and yet there are others you wish you could forget; but you don’t have any other choice but to forget it all if you want to move on; you have to sacrifice the good just to forget the […]

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Red. Solo. Cup.

Red Solo Cup. Except not in that particular order. The object sitting on my desk resembles what many people would refer to as a cup, and a majority of people would agree that this object possesses a certain red-like complexion, but would you call it solo? With the minor exception of one of college freshmen’s […]

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Fanatical Friends Frenzy

Over the past few days, I feel like I’ve been trapped in this inescapable sludge; the kind of rut that you hear depressive people talk about. The sort of thing that makes you cringe and gag when you watch commercials about antidepressants like Abilify or Prozac. Because, let’s be brutally honest; nobody like depression, and […]

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